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    5 Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Provide

    September 21, 2021

September 21, 2021

5 Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Provide

There are many benefits that only a personal trainer can provide. Are you interested in meeting your fitness goals, not only quickly, but safely with the guidance of an expert? Or are you an avid gym-goer but feel you’ve hit a wall and are unsure how to maintain progress in your fitness journey? These are only two of the many reasons someone may seek the help of a personal trainer. So, whatever your own goals are (from weight loss to muscle gain to injury recovery or feeling great after pregnancy), DareBear is here to show you the benefits a personal trainer can provide and how to level-up your fitness journey.

Let’s Get Personal

The key is in the name: personal training. A personal trainer can provide a workout schedule to suit you and your lifestyle. 

We’re constantly bombarded with advice from influencers on social media, news about the latest health craze, or even advice from fellow gym-goers who claim to be experts. While some of this may be helpful, it isn’t advice tailored to you and your fitness journey. For example, a fitness influencer on Instagram may recommend a workout that aggravates an old or chronic injury or simply doesn’t fit your abilities and requirements. It’s estimated that each year around 1.5 million people in the UK go to A&E because of a sporting injury and that many of these injuries could have been avoided had an expert been present to offer advice.

Whether you want to lose weight safely, you’re recovering from an injury, or looking to feel fit after pregnancy, personal trainers have the training and experience to take your progress, history, and aims into account when helping you meet your fitness goals.

No Excuses

“Shall I hit the gym later? Nah, I’ll go tomorrow.”

We’ve all been there and there is no harm in missing the odd workout, but do you feel it’s become a regular occurrence? Maybe your New Year’s Resolution has been discarded or, as we await the arrival of colder days and longer nights, motivation seems harder to come by. Whatever the reason, a personal trainer can provide motivation and accountability for your fitness journey. 

Avoid Plateaus & Burnout 

You may be an experienced gym-goer, but if you’ve fallen into a routine of doing the same workouts over and over, you might not be achieving the results you desire. A personal trainer can provide a fresh perspective, like new ideas, new equipment, and set challenging goals so you can create new fitness goals and avoid burnout under their expert instruction.

Train with Friends

Using the services of a PT doesn’t limit you to one-to-one sessions. Why not ask your trainer if they offer group classes? Two studies in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research have shown that having fun can also help you get fit, as people who attended group classes increased their lean body mass by an average of 1.3kg and increased their aerobic capacity by 7% compared to those who train alone. 

Easily Find Your Ideal PT

The best thing about personal training? It is easily accessible and increasingly affordable. Check out our blog post to find out the essential credentials and qualities you should look for in a personal trainer. Still unsure? Classes with the PTs at DareBear are totally flexible and subscription-free, so you always have the option to book sessions with the trainer of your choice. 

This means you can try out a variety of fitness classes and find your ideal personal trainer easily on our website or app. Why not signup to try DareBear today? 

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