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    COP26: Your Race to Support Sustainable Fitness

    November 2, 2021

November 2, 2021

COP26: Your Race to Support Sustainable Fitness

Sustainable fitness isn’t the first thing on your mind when squeezing in a quick workout. As world leaders unite to tackle climate change at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) we may not be on the front line of this battle, but still share a responsibility to enact positive change.

How does climate change affect sport? We’re already seeing our athletes impacted by climate change. From flooded pitches, extreme heat, and lack of snow for winter sports and this is only set to increase. You can stream and support sports-focused panels from COP26. Just check out Sport Positive Summit for the schedule of events.

We need top-down action against climate change, though each of us has a part to play and it’s really easy to make some greener swaps for more sustainable fitness! People from across the world are already showing how small actions can create a larger impact. Why not use the COP26 hashtag of #OneStepGreener to share the following tips and celebrate what you’re doing to tackle climate change?

Sustainable fitness isn’t top priority when squeezing in a quick workout. But, COP26 and #OneStepGreener show our responsibility to prevent climate change.
Let’s go plogging!

Did you become a running enthusiast during lockdown? Whether you’re still engaging in this healthy habit, or your trainers were cast aside with the easing of restrictions, now is the best time to try ‘plogging’. That isn’t a typo, it’s the new eco-friendly running trend from Sweden. Plogging, comprised of ‘jogging’ and ‘plocka’ (‘to pick’ in Swedish) is good for you and a sustainable fitness move for the planet too. Ploggers collect rubbish as they run: get fit, clean up your area, and help local wildlife

#Plogging has over 220k photos on Instagram, so why not search for groups near you? Most major UK cities have one. Get inspired by COP26 to combine your next plogging event with a stand against climate change like a 5K to raise money for a charity such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, or Green Alliance.

Visit an Eco Gym

If running isn’t your thing, why not visit an eco-gym? London has been first off the mark in the UK to embrace this move to sustainable fitness in the name of tackling climate change. One of the capital’s largest sustainable fitness companies is Terra Hale, with three studios found in Notting Hill, Fulham, and Shepherd’s Bush. You burn calories using the equipment and watts are generated to power the building. You feel great after a spin class, plus you’ll be helping power the changing room lights!

Swap to a Greener Kit

Consumers are increasingly spending with themselves and the planet in mind. NielsenIQ, a trusted source for retail and consumer intelligence, has just released their 2021 report.

Consumers are prioritizing the health of the planet, in addition to the health of themselves.


As 66% of global consumers agree that environmental issues are harming their current and future health, you’re not alone in wanting to make sustainable choices when you need new workout gear. 

Look for sustainably sourced bamboo fibre or recycled fabrics. It’s easy to find great brands like Girlfriend (with inclusive sizing and recycled materials) or Everlane (with their ‘Radical Transparency’ policy). You can also buy or sell pre-loved activewear in good condition from sites like Depop and eBay. Once you’ve tested your new gear, remember to carry a reusable water bottle instead of visiting the gym vending machine.

Go Paperless

Do you still track your workouts on paper? Whether you’re a personal trainer or occasional gym-goer there are modern solutions. So, stop wasting paper and make workout tracking easier. DareBear will soon be launching our Training Log. You can easily record the exercises completed during a workout, sync calories to a smart device, view past workouts, and instantly see progress to plan future workouts. So, as well as not wasting paper, you’ll be more organised and have your fitness data at the touch of a button. Another great swap for you and the planet.

In the spirit of COP26, these tips can help us all embrace sustainable fitness to become #OneStepGreener by collectively fighting climate change. Remember to use the hashtag to showcase your sustainable swaps and check out the sports-focused panels from COP26 this week!

The DareBear Team

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