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    Festive Fitness Tips To Keep You Moving this Christmas

    December 17, 2021

December 17, 2021

Festive Fitness Tips To Keep You Moving this Christmas

Christmas just isn’t seen as a time for fitness. Even professional personal trainers don’t associate the holidays with workouts, imparting fitness tips or kickstarting their New Year’s health goals early. However, if you do manage to keep up some semblance of your fitness routine, you’ll stay feeling great and will thank yourself in 2022. Why not try some of the exercises below to keep moving this Christmas? They’re super simple and easy.

Some Exercise Is Better Than None

All holidays throw our regular fitness routines out of the window. You may even be juggling work and looking after the kids. So, your workouts are likely to be shorter…but they can still provide training benefits! Some exercise is still better than no exercise.

If you run or jog, cut your training time by half but push yourself more. Are weights more your thing? You may be forced to cut the number of sets down, but as long as you complete one and keep moving this Christmas, your strength won’t disappear. Our first fitness tip is to focus on committing to high-quality training, rather than an easy session. Your routine may slip but reduced time for training doesn’t mean that your fitness levels have to plummet. In fact, it’s possible to maintain your strength by training just once per week. Plus, you get a chance to recharge and relax during your short period of reduced training so you can hit the gym with renewed vigour and enthusiasm in 2022.

Festive Fitness Tips That (Literally) Keep You Moving

Do you still have a lot of gifts to buy and wrap this Christmas? You’re not alone! A fitness tip that is well known by avid shoppers is how easy it is to rack up the steps while you shop. Not part of a formal workout, and a departure from your usual fitness routine, but you may be surprised how easy it is to burn calories (especially if you’re in a rush). Just remember to sync your smart device or phone to a workout tracker or training log. When you’re back home, have fun while you wrap by turning on some festive music and having a dance. Last-minute holiday prep and a quick workout sorted!

Get the Family Involved

Holidays create the best family time — no matter what you celebrate or who with — so, why not involve them in your workout efforts? Go for a traditional Christmas or Boxing Day walk with the family. The perfect way to walk off your dinner and the cold winter temperatures mean you’ll need to speed up to keep warm! If you want to make a day of it, check out COVID-friendly winter activities in your local area. Most towns and city centres have an ice skating rink or festive illuminations around parks and gardens.

Stay Hydrated

You may be drinking alcohol this Christmas…but remember to drink water too! If you don’t normally drink much water, a vital tip is to try doubling the amount you would normally drink to combat hangovers and aid digestion.

Enjoy Yourself

Don’t set unrealistic goals, restrictions or feel guilty for enjoying yourself!

In the New Year, we’ll be launching more free online fitness and wellness classes! We’ll be adding active classes to our programme so you can start 2022 as you mean to go on and get into a great (and importantly fun) fitness routine for free! Keep an eye out for announcements of free yoga and Zumba classes on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Merry Christmas,
The DareBear Team

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