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    Half-term Hacks: Your Guide to Surviving This October

    October 25, 2021

October 25, 2021

Half-term Hacks: Your Guide to Surviving This October

Half-term. Hands up if it came around quicker than you expected this October! We’ve put together a half-term survival guide for London (or wherever you may be). If you’re a working parent, you’ll be organising the holiday childcare. If you’re stay-at-home mum or dad, you have the task of keeping the kids entertained. …But with more people working from home right now, the chances are you’ll be doing both! DareBear is here with a half-term survival guide of half-term hacks and parenting tips to help you, not only survive half-term, but have a great time this October!

Family walking along a river in Autumn for October half-term.
Make the most of free days out!

Half-terms can get pretty costly, but they don’t have to be. This October why not check out free attractions in your local area. If you’re in London there are more than 170 museums in the capital and many of them are free! Think there isn’t anything to do in your area? Check out noticeboards at the school, chat to other parents, and re-visit your old favourites: plan a scavenger hunt, visit the library, or keep it educational by visiting a local historic monument. We guarantee they’ll be something to entertain your kids and add to your own half-term survival guide, even in the sleepiest of towns. 

Half-term hack: remember to plan ahead (if only a day) as some attractions may be running a little different at the moment this October, from one-way systems to limited ticketing.

Keep The Routine

If you’re lucky enough to have some time off work with the kids this week, you might not have to be up as early as usual. But our next half-term hack is to try not to let everyone hang around in their PJs all day. Set a time to be up and dressed. Why not all make breakfast together? Getting the kids to join you in the kitchen is great fun and if you have a picky eater, they’re less likely to reject what they’ve made. 

Maintain a steady evening routine this October: cap the time spent on electronics, stay on top of any school homework, and keep bedtime only a little later than normal, or else the following Sunday before school may be a challenge!

Stay Active

After a few days cooped up in the house, even the closest siblings can start getting on one another’s nerves. Next up in our half-term survival guide for this October is to make time to exercise outdoors. Find a local park, beach, football field, or nature reserve to let off some steam and spend time outdoors. Why not give your bikes a clean and polish, then take them out for a spin? Having a tiring day will make bedtime quieter too, so a bonus half-term hack for mum and dad.

As a parent, you may have resigned yourself to skipping your own workouts over half-term this October. Why not check out flexible, live workouts from DareBear or our top tips for working out when you’re feeling tired?  We even have an exclusive 12-week transformation programme for dads by a celeb endorsed personal trainer! Check it out here.

Most importantly, have fun!

Even if things don’t go to plan, your kids will have a great time this October! You couldn’t book that day out? They’ll still be happy to be off school even if your half-term survival guide doesn’t go to plan. You’re struggling to juggle your work-life balance so bedtime ends up later than you planned? Your kids definitely won’t see this as a bad thing!

Good luck, have fun and see you next week!

The DareBear Team

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