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    How To Find A Personal Trainer in London

    July 15, 2021

July 15, 2021

How To Find A Personal Trainer in London

Are you seeking the motivation of an expert to achieve your fitness goals? You may have worked with a PT in the past but have recently moved across the UK, or you’re slightly nervous about using a PT for the first time but you’re ready to take this life-changing first step. Whether you’re a gym veteran or a complete newbie, DareBear is here with a quick guide to show you what you should look out for when locating the best personal trainer in London (or finding your ideal personal trainer near you, wherever you may be in the UK).

Go Beyond Appearances

When most people start training with a new PT, they begin by sharing what they would like to change about their physical appearance. You may want to get the abs you’ve always dreamed of, get fit before your wedding, prepare for a sponsored run, or get serious about building muscle; a great personal trainer will take your goals into account while also providing you with a healthy timeframe, acknowledging the combination of diet and exercise, and showing how your physical health can improve your mental wellbeing.

Find a PT to Fit Your Schedule

You should be able to access personal training classes anytime, on any device, anywhere so you can hit your fitness goals, no matter how busy your schedule. Your hectic life shouldn’t stop you from getting fit (or even be eligible for use as an easy excuse!). Some PTs offer online classes, and (like all the PTs at DareBear) should make their availability and classes transparent.

Ensure Your Personal Trainer is Qualified

One way to ensure the quality and reliability of a personal trainer is to visit your local gym. Nearly all gyms have a trusted team of in-house PTs. However, gym-based PTs are often bound by contract to their gym, so will often have limited availability and offer only gym-based training.

Freelance trainers can offer you personal training classes anytime, anywhere. However, if you head to Google or Instagram in search of a PT, beware as those thousands of social media followers don’t mean they have the correct certifications (if you’re interested in reading more about what qualifications to look out for you can check out our previous blog post .

Don’t have time to cross-reference potential new trainers? Just let DareBear do the admin as all PTs on our website are qualified professionals. You can view trainer profiles, proof of their qualifications, and see their classes and availability all in one place!

Where Do You Want to Train?

Where and how often do you want to train? If you want access to all the bodybuilding and weight training equipment, opt for a gym. If your ideal personal trainer offers HIIT and yoga classes in your local park, then why not find and book a freelance PT via our app? Freelance PTs are ideal if you want to train at home — this means you’ll spend no time travelling to training (perfect for your busy schedule) or can be ideal if you’re new to working out and not confident enough to hit the gym just yet. If you do opt to keep fit at home, your PT will tell you what equipment they supply and what, if anything, you need to buy.

Have you got any tips that can help others find their ideal PT? Please share them with us!

The DareBear Team

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