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    Top 5 Personal Training Courses in the UK

    July 1, 2021

July 1, 2021

Top 5 Personal Training Courses in the UK

At DareBear we know that great results take time, and there isn’t a shortcut to becoming fit and healthy overnight. Just as we encourage people to take the time to find their ideal personal trainer, we understand that each fitness professional on our website has dedicated many hours of training and practice to perfect their profession. If you’re looking to follow in their footsteps, read this guide to find out which personal training courses you can take in the UK.

What type of personal trainer do you want to be? Of course, you’ll be dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals but, aside from that, what sorts of training do you dream of offering. Are you interested in going the extra mile for your clients by ensuring their rehabilitation and recovery? Then why not combine a sports massage course with your PT qualification to expand your client base. Do you want to help people of all abilities relax and unwind? Try a yoga teacher training programme. You’ll understand that helping people achieve their health goals requires some nutritional coaching, so by taking a qualification in nutrition you can build on your existing knowledge and offer nutrition consultations to your clients before a PT session. You can even set yourself apart from your peers by taking the next level qualification to further your fitness career, for example, a Level 4 qualification in Strength and Conditioning. Success can be born from passion and, if you love your job, your passion will shine through and your business will thrive. Defining the direction of your business will help you attract clients and potentially improve your earning potential.

Have an idea of what types of training you’d like to offer? We’ve listed five of the top personal training courses available in the UK so you can start your journey to becoming a qualified personal trainer or upgrade your existing certification.

1. Diverse Trainers


Qualifications are delivered by Diverse Trainers through their personalised e-learning platform. So, after signing up, you’ll get access to the digital training content needed to complete your coursework. Although only at-home study is required, your questions can be discussed with the tutor team by video call.

2. Future Fit Training


Looking to get your level 3 personal trainer qualification? The qualification from Future Fit is CIMSPA Endorsed. Don’t have your level 2 group fitness instructor qualification yet? No worries! With Future Fit this is included in the price. The assessment usually takes the form of online training and face-to-face practical assessments.

3. The Training Room


Like Diverse Trainers, The Training Room conduct their study through a dedicated e-learning portal. The flexibility they offer is ideal if you’d like to complete your training over months, not weeks.

4. HFE Training

Website: https://www.hfe.co.uk

The Learner Engagement System (an e-learning platform) offered by HFE Training combines online lectures, training manuals, and demonstrations to keep learning engaging. All exams are completed online, and most people complete this course within 6 to 8 weeks.

5. Learn Direct

Website: https://www.learndirect.com

Qualifications from Learn Direct are some of the most extensive. With Learn Direct you’ll encounter everything from anatomy to psychology and to how to market your fitness business. If you’re looking for an in-depth level 3 course with a side of useful marketing education, this is the course to launch your personal training business.

If you’re interested in becoming a qualified PT, we hope this was helpful! If you’re already qualified, why not help by sharing what course you took in the comments? If you’re looking for some more tips, our blog has already explored three great ways to set yourself apart as a personal trainer in the ever-changing health and fitness industry.

The DareBear Team

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