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    What Does It Take to Be a Great Personal Trainer?

    July 1, 2021

July 1, 2021

What Does It Take to Be a Great Personal Trainer?

The demand for flexible, personalised fitness classes has increased due to the surge in popularity of online workouts and gyms reopening to allow people to seek the motivation of experts to meet their fitness goals. This means more competition for your fitness business, but also brings exciting opportunities to gain and retain clients. Our previous post explored how the personal training industry is constantly evolving and, while it’s important to keep on top of new developments, it’s worthwhile considering how your image and business management can boost your fitness career. There are many ways to set yourself apart as a great personal trainer in an ever-changing health and fitness industry, so we’ve brought together our top three!

Work for Each Client

For every new client, you have to stop and think about what training equipment and techniques you can use to help this individual achieve the results they want. You may love using kettlebells with one client, but these may not work for another (for any number of reasons from injury to simply personal preference). It takes time and effort to learn each new client’s likes, dislikes, and craft your training techniques to pave their way to fitness. But, if you do, this will give you an edge over your competitors and by putting in this work for your client, they’ll reward you with enthusiasm and great results.

Effective Time Management

A tech-savvy personal trainer spends less time managing their business than one who keeps manual records. The more your client base grows, the more important it is to employ technologies that enable you to handle admin easier and faster.

When taking bookings from clients (new and old) it’s important to try to remain flexible. Showing your clients when you are available and clearly advertising your classes is a great way to build trusting relationships and keep them booking your sessions! To ensure their own peace of mind, many freelance personal trainers establish a 24-hour cancellation policy to protect them from last-minute non-emergency cancellations. However, the more freedom you offer your clients, the more important it is to ensure your admin is watertight. Many personal trainers need to establish automated emails to remind clients when their payments are due, remind clients when and where their next session is, and keep an up-to-date schedule of their upcoming sessions. This admin work is time-consuming and needs to be automated. Automating and digitising these tasks also minimises human error — you wouldn’t want to mix up the bookings or names of your clients!

With the advent of services like DareBear, you can showcase your classes and availability, receive payments and instant booking notifications, and access simple booking management so you can change and cancel your classes in real-time. By embracing technology and spending less time on admin, DareBear can help you grow your clientele and secure great relationships with them.

You Advertise Your PT Business

What is the best advert for your fitness business? You, of course! This is the case whether you work in a gym, at your local park, or offer classes online from the comfort of your home.

If others see you coaching a client, they will note how you interact and motivate them to achieve their fitness goals. Plus, the transformation of your client is a great advertisement for your business! When your passion, approachability, and dedication are evident in your coaching, you’ll find yourself being regularly contacted by potential new clients.

Are you an online personal trainer? How you present yourself online matters as if you have a great online presence, you’ll easily attract more clients. Does your online presence need a boost? Check out the existing profiles by personal trainers on DareBear and how you can get involved. Giving a great first impression — from a gym, park, or online — is an easy way to gain new clients for your PT business.

What makes you a great personal trainer? What qualities do you see in the fitness professionals you admire? Let us know! Want more advice on the qualifications you need to help your fitness business stand out? Check out our article on the best personal training certifications in the UK to see how you can establish yourself as a sought-after personal trainer who delivers and achieves more.

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