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    What Does the Future of Personal Training Look Like?

    June 21, 2021

June 21, 2021

What Does the Future of Personal Training Look Like?

The personal training industry is constantly evolving. It’s shaped by the passage of time, new technologies, and influenced by consumer attitudes. Traditionally, if you wanted to get fit (with advice from the experts), you’d join your local gym. These days, joining a gym isn’t the convenient and cost-effective option it once was. We’re launching the DareBear blog with the future in mind, by predicting the modern alternatives we’ll all soon be using to ensure we can gain access to workouts, highly qualified personal trainers, and hit fitness goals, no matter how busy our schedules.

What has changed?

Consumers know what they want and when they want it — this applies to everything from entertainment streaming services to workout classes. Uncertain times have dissuaded many from committing to the regular expenditure of a gym membership. On top of this, more people working from home has led to a re-evaluation of when, and where, it’s possible to workout. Even after lockdown, what if you’re particularly busy one month and can’t take advantage of an expensive gym membership? That’s why online workouts by fitness personalities have become incredibly popular. The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, dedicated his mornings to filming PE classes on YouTube for school children (though enjoyed by parents in equal measure!) and Chloe Ting surpassed 300 million views for her viral workout challenge. To further recreate a gym experience from home, 2020 saw sales of home fitness gear rise over 500%. It’s clear there’s been a shakeup in the fitness industry, but not one that discerning entrepreneurs haven’t been anticipating for a while…

Online Training & Apps

These new trends may create problems for traditional gym subscriptions, but also a range of opportunities for portable personal training offered by apps and websites that work to the client’s availability and budget. Online workouts are great, but what about when the motivation slips, and all that new home gym equipment is cast aside? Here at DareBear, we recognise the motivation and expertise a personal trainer can bring to any fitness journey, so we created a simple solution: an app and website that bring personal training services to you anytime, anywhere, online or in-person.

More Clients & More Trainers

People want to get fit, now more than ever. Great news for all the PTs out there. Being employed by a gym has, until recently, ensured a regular income (despite earnings often being capped or shared by the employer). The lure of going freelance offers the flexibility to manage your own schedule, choose your own hours, and even the venue. However, with these benefits comes the worry you won’t be able to secure regular clients or gain enough advertising for your PT brand online. DareBear eliminates any worry for freelance PTs by advertising your services and connecting you with clients to help your business thrive.

In turn, the rise in PTs embracing freelancing helps those looking to get fit by increasing the variety of classes available — a win for both trainers and clients!

Beyond the Workout

A fitness journey doesn’t stop at the end of each workout. Many clients seek regular motivation and support services — don’t worry, as a PT this doesn’t mean you have to be on call 24/7. We think chatting to friends about your goals, joining groups of fellow workout enthusiasts online, and embracing the wealth of inspiration (including recipes) on social media is great. Our health and fitness community is active on social media (find us @darebear.co.uk) and our customer support team is just one click away. Staying happy and motivated outside classes will help you see the best results allow you to thrive both physically and mentally.

Emphasising Regulation & Certifications

As more PTs go freelance, an emphasis on regulation is of the utmost importance. If you’re looking to get qualified, there are a wide variety of qualifications — from CIMSPA to REPs — available across the UK. To anyone looking to book a PT session, ensure you know they are qualified. Here at DareBear we present our PTs qualifications alongside engaging descriptions of the classes they offer, so our clients know they are getting fit with the guidance of experts. As a PT, it’s equally important to know you’re in the company of like-minded professionals.

A lot is changing in the PT industry, but, whether you are a trainer or client, we are here to embrace it.

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